In the field

RVO helps entrepreneurs do business

Entrepreneurs make the Netherlands economically stronger and society increasingly sustainable. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) contributes to this by encouraging them to invest in solutions to societal challenges.

Help with innovation

One of the issues RVO deals with is innovation. It helps start-ups, SMEs and knowledge institutions in their search for funding, business partners and knowledge. For example, it provides information on tax schemes such as the WBSO scheme (Tax Credit for Research and Development) and connects business partners with each other. In addition, the Netherlands Patent Office (OCNL), the patent granting agency for the Netherlands, is part of RVO.

Basic knowledge of intellectual property

You can contact OCNL if you want to apply for a patent in the Netherlands. But the patent office also focuses on providing information to entrepreneurs. It regularly organizes - with cooperation partners - meetings and events on the topic of patenting and intellectual property. In addition, the patent office offers the IP Smart Scan. This scan results in a report that gives you insight into the strategic possibilities of intellectual property.

Achieve more with your intellectual property?

The results of the IP Smart Scan can be a starting point for you to do more with your intellectual property. The experts at V.O. are happy to exchange ideas with you and are ready to help you get the most out of your innovations.

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