Client in focus

Secarna: leading in antisense oligonucleotides

With a growing product portfolio, Munich-based biotech company Secarna Pharmaceuticals focuses on developing so-called antisense oligonucleotide drugs, or ASOs. These drugs are used, for example, within immunoncology and in the treatment of inflammation and fibrosis. In addition, Secarna is working with partners to develop ASOs for numerous other medical applications.

To discover, research and develop highly specific, safe and effective drugs for various difficult-to-treat diseases, Secarna uses its LNAplus platform. This platform is versatile and effective, covering all aspects of drug discovery and preclinical development.

Driving innovation

As a leading, independent European company, Secarna has gained extensive experience in developing ASOs in recent years. German law on employee inventions and clear internal IP protocols help researchers plan and organize their inventions. From searching for prior art as part of planning new projects, to intensive involvement in the drafting of patent applications.

“We always advise our clients to conclude a well-thought-out, tailor-made contract before starting the collaboration”

Reliable cooperation

When working with project partners, Secarna ensures that the future intent of use is included in the original agreement and discussed and implemented in a corresponding patent application. Filing a patent application and expanding the patent portfolio is always part of planning new projects.

"We always recommend that our clients enter into a well-thought-out, customized contract before the collaboration begins," agrees patent attorney Bettina Hermann of V.O. "This ensures that even if disagreements arise, everything is well taken care of."

"We ensure that decisions are made by an interdisciplinary team and bring together internal and external experts at an early stage of each project," says Alexander Gebauer, CEO of Secarna Pharmaceuticals. "With V.O., we are pleased to have a qualified advisor to support us primarily on issues of patent portfolio management, preparing and representing applications and advising on IP-related agreements with collaboration partners. The cooperation of V.O. and our internal IP specialist Mark Salzig is highly appreciated."